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Upcoming book written by AS people

Submissions Wanted for Upcoming Book:

More Than Little Professors:
The Words and Ideas of Children with Asperger
Syndrome or High Functioning Autism*
*tentative title

Fellow parents,

Children with Asperger’s are amazing, complicated individuals.
But many people—even professionals in education and
psychology—often have serious misconceptions about our kids.

Some assume our kids are “like Rain Man.” Because they’ve
heard that many children with Asperger’s have special talents
and gifts, people sometimes assume their symptoms must also
be as severe as those portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in the
classic movie about a man with autism and savant abilities.

Others dismiss Asperger’s as a nonexistent disorder. “Oh, my
son was obsessed with dinosaurs at that age, too.” (Oh, honey,
you have no idea…)

Even those who know a child with Asperger’s often don’t realize
how tremendously our kids can vary from one another. Their
talents, their quirks, their challenges, and their personalities run
a wide gamut.

So who better to educate the world about Asperger
syndrome than the kids themselves!

Autism Asperger Publishing Company has asked me to put
together a book of writings and words of kids with Asperger's or
high functioning autism.

We’re looking for 3 types of submissions:

1. Things written by the kids themselves. If you have any
interesting, fun, or insightful things your child has written, I hope
you'll consider sharing them with us. Anything goes here--
poems, essays, letters—we’re looking for a wide variety of

2. Things your kids have said aloud. Can you recall
certain things your child has said aloud that really struck you?
Maybe because of their humor, their depth, or their special
insight into the way your child’s mind works? Than write ’em
down and send ’em in!

3. Recordings of your kids’ monologues. Does your
child know everything there is to know about, say, trains,
mythology, vacuum cleaners, or Pokemon? And does he love to
talk about it incessantly? Next time he starts “monologuing,”
stick a tape recorder in front of him! We’re looking for a few
good examples to transcribe that will illustrate the amazing
depth of knowledge some of our kids can accumulate on the
topics they love.

What Should The Kids Write About?

We’re looking for a wide range of topics, from silly jokes to
heartfelt essays about growing up with Asperger syndrome. If it’s
meaningful to your child, it’s meaningful to us. But some issues
we’re particularly interested in include:

• Sensory Experiences/Sensitivies
• Special Interests
• Relationships—family, friends, pets
• Feelings—loneliness, happiness, etc.
• School
• Humor
• Asperger’s/autism

The Details
· Children will be identified only by first name, last initial, and
age. (Names will be changed if you so request).
· All contributors whose work is accepted for inclusion in the
book will receive one free copy of the book.
· Original works can not be returned, so please keep a copy
for yourself.
· Please be sure to include your contact information on the
first page of every submission!

Send your submissions to:

More Than Little Professors
c/o Lisa Barrett Mann
P.O. Box 83481
Gaithersburg, MD 20883-3481

or email to: (Please put "More Than
Little Professors" in the subject line.)

more info at:

Pam Dollar
(Mom to Watson - 14, autism)
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