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Hey everyone.
I'm here

I'm an 18 year old aspie.
Live in the Upstate NYC burbs
I have Bipolar,ADHD, Dyscalculia,Social and General anxiety.

I was dx'd when I was 10
I never fit in at all
I have had bad anger outburst
I would say my main problems are being depressed, poor social interaction, anger and motor skills.

Never was very active in online forums

I had a girlfriend for awhile but she was very cruel and well, nearly abusive.
I'm bi and had a boyfriend before who was very sweet
Never had very many friends for long but have one good friend.

Don't have a MySpace but may go get one.
I have AIM but no buddies on it.

This is a great idea for a community.
Hope that it grows seeing as it doesn't seem to active.
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